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Review of Fallen Angels by Connie Dial

2012 April 23
Posted by Ethan Jones

My review of Fallen Angels by Connie Dial

Print Length: 296 pages

Publisher: The Permanent Press

Release date: April 20, 2012

Fallen Angels opens with a powerful scene.  Captain Josie Corsino with the Los Angeles Police Department is at a homicide scene, looking at the face of the victim, a young actress.  As the investigation starts, it promises to be as difficult as it is dangerous to Josie’s career.  Many powerful people seem to be involved in this murder, and they are motivated to derail her investigation.

Ms. Dial’s writing is precise, efficient, and straightforward. This police procedural is not only about finding who did it and their motives, but it offers deep insights in the internal politics of the LAPD Hollywood Division, the life of Josie, her difficult relationship with her husband and her son.  Ms. Dial, a 27-year veteran of the LAPD has first-hand experience in investigations.  Her dialogue is sharp, her descriptions are brilliant and the storyline flows quite well.  It reminded me of Michael Connelly’s work, but without all the grit and the gloom that are his trademark.

As the investigation moves forward, Josie discovered disturbing truths about her subordinates, her husband, and her son.  Political pressure from both inside and outside her police department is interfering with her investigation, which may cost her more than just her career.  The closer she gets to the perpetrators, the wider the circle of homicides.

How far with Josie go to find the truth and to discover the people responsible for these homicides?  What impact will this have on her career and her family?  What is the true cost of police officers protecting the citizens?

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